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Japanese style braised pork (豚の角煮)

I made this Japanese style braised pork (豚の角煮)the other day.  Hmm… I searched the recipe on Cookpad, and I saw that many recipes requires a pressure cooker, which I don’t have.  Many recipies also ask you to put them in the fridge for a night.  I think it is to let the fat solidify and then get ride of it (My Japanese is very limited, that’s what I get from reading those recipes).  Well I didn’t do any of those things…  (I don’t have a pressure cooker nor the time for it to sit through the night) I simply just boiled the pork for an hour.. and… that’s it.  The pork was ok, not super tender.  Flavour was OK though.  Hmm I’ll definitely give it a try again next time!  Time to brush up my Japanese!


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