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Picnic Bento


My blogger friend from Hong Kong came over to Vancouver a while ago.  She said she has seen pictures of my bento boxes, and she wanted to try it.  Well… she also said that it wouldn’t be fun if we eat it at home.  She suggested to go to a park to have a picnic.  We then decided to go to Central Park in Burnaby.



I pretty much just prepared the bento, and she took care of everything else.  She’s really into beautiful stuff… so when I arrived and started to set up the table with her… Wow!  Everything was so pretty!  She even brought stuff just for the LOOK! hehe!



I really enjoyed the picnic! 🙂 Everything was so pretty!  I think next time I go picnic, I know what to bring to give that “picnic” look. 🙂

Anyways… let’s talk about the bento box.  I had a hard time deciding what to make and how to arrange the food nicely.  I just bought a lot of food for the bento, and then made it and arrange to see what fits in the box and what doesn’t.  I find that “making” the food didn’t take long, deciding on what to put in and arrange the food nicely actually took me longer.  I think with practice, it’d take me less time to “design” a bento box.  Oh in case you’re wondering how long it took me to finish these 3 tiers… Hmm I think I started at 7:30 and everything was ready by 11:10.


First tier – Inari suhi and Onigiri:


Second tier – Heart shaped tamago yaki, blueberry jam ham pinwheels, quail eggs, strawberry tomatoes and bear/star shaped fishcakes.


Their tier – Straberries, Strawberry tomatoes, mandarin oranges and edamame






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Hanami bento (お花見弁当)


My friends and I planned to go to see Cherry Blossoms this weekend, so I bought a lot of stuff few days ago to prepare for it.  The weather didn’t turn out to be a good day for the hanami (i.e. “Flower viewing” in Japanese), so we ended up postponng it.  Since I bought so much stuff already, I decided to make a hanami bento for me and Mr. Clam. 

It took me around 1.5 hours to finish this bento.  I planned to make a 3-layer bento next week, hopefully it won’t take me that long!

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Bento – Jan 11, 10

I bring lunch to almost everyday, but I mostly have leftover for lunch.  When I have time AND when I feel like it (which is not very often), I make bento boxes. 
For today’s bento box, I have 6 items.  From clockwise from the left, I have potato salad, sausages, tamagoyaki, edamame, cherry tomato and fishballs. 

The only new thing that I tried was potato salad.  I have some leftover boiled small potatoes, I mashed them, and added 2 chopped crab sticks, mayonaise and black pepper. 
The rest of the food?  Well, they’re mostly in their original form, so I guess I don’t have to write too much.  🙂