I love food.   Whenever I see some dishes I like in restaurants, on TV, magazines or on the Internet, I like to try them out. So here is my lab report on the recipes I attempted.

  1. #1 by hausfraufrau on February 10, 2014 - 7:40 pm

    Hi there, I like your blog and I am excited to try out the Tuna Mayo recipe that you posted. Do you like to bake cakes? I was hoping to find interesting cake recipes on your blog… Japanese cakes are delicious! I maintain a blog to house my cake recipes (www.cakeschloss.wordpress.com)… I am not a professional but I enjoy cake baking…and eating 😉 Especially where I am living now, cake baking is almost like a skill comparable to swimming or driving. Germany is probably the nation with the most variety of cakes and bread… Pardon my rambling…Anyway….blog on !!!

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