Spicy tuna tamagoyaki (ツナ玉子焼き)

Experiment: Spicy tuna tamagoyaki ( ツナ玉子焼き)



The Clover Leaf spicy Thai Chili tuna was on sale for $0.99 per can.  I couldn’t resist buying a few cans.  While I was thinking how to eat it besides the usual “eat it with cracker” way, tamagoyaki came to my mind.  Yep!  It’s egg again! Hahaha!



1 can spicy Thai Chili tuna (85 g)
4-5 eggs



1) Beat the eggs in a bowl.  Open the can of tuna and put it in the egg mixture.  Mix well.  (I took the red pepper in the can out.  I don’t wanna bite into the red pepper!)

2) Heat up a small pan.  Turn the heat to medium.

3) Brush oil onto the pan.  Pour a thin layer of the egg mixture onto the pan.  When it’s half cooked, roll one side of the egg to the other side.

4) Brush oil onto the pan again.  Lift the tamagoyaki and brush oil under the tamagoyaki as well.

5) Pour a thin layer of the egg mixture onto the pan.  Lift the tamagoyaki and let the egg mixture go under the tamagoyaki as well.

6) When the new egg layer is half cooked, you can roll the tamagoyaki to the other end of the pan.

7) Repeat the process of brushing oil, pour in egg mixture, roll the tamagoyaki from one side to the other side until the egg mixture is finished.

8 ) Prepare a piece of saran wrap and place it on top of a sushi mat.  Put the tamagoyaki onto the saran wrap while it’s still hot.  Wrap it.

9) Roll the sushi mat and shape the tamagoyaki into the shape you want.

10) Let it sit and cool.  Cut and serve.

(You can click here for pictures on how to make tamagoyaki!)





1) You can add some spice into the eggs if you want it spicier.  I find that one can of the tuna is pretty good already for 4-5 eggs.


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