Braised pork belly with Chu Hou sauce (柱候五花腩)

Experiment: Braised pork belly with Chu Hou sauce (柱候五花腩)


I bought the Che Hou sauce for making beef brisket a few months ago.  After that, the bottle had been sitting in the fridge doing nothing.  Well I thought, since I have the pork belly at home, might as well use the chu hou sauce to braise the pork belly. I used a pressure cooker to cook it which took me like 20 minutes.  Quick dinner dish! 🙂


1-1.5 kg pork belly
1 radish
1 carrot
100 g shallots
4 tbsp Chu Hou sauce
1 tbsp soy sauce
1 tbsp Chinese wine
1 small piece of rock sugar
1-2 anise


1) Peel the radish and carrot.  Cut into bite site.

2) Cut the pork belly into big pieces.  Pork belly shrink after it’s cooked, so don’t cut it too small.

3) Put all the ingredients in a pressure cooker.  Pour water in, covers about half of the ingredients.  (water comes out from the carrot and radish so you don’t have to put in too much water)

4) Let it cook…



1) You can substitute pork belly with beef brisket.  Actually you can put any type of stew meat in!


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