Natto Toast (納豆トースト)

Experiment: Natto Toast (納豆トースト)


Natto is a very popular breakfast dish in Japan. People usually eat it with rice in the morning.  However, as you know, it takes time to cook rice.   What if you sleep in in the morning and you have no time to cook rice??? Well, here comes a solution – serve the natto on toasts.  You just pop a piece of bread in the toaster and wait for 30 seconds or so.  In the mean time, you open the package of natto, put all the packaged condiments in, and stir the natto until LOTS of strings form from the natto.  When the toast is ready, you put the natto on top of the toast, and serve.  Hmm… a good breakfast in less than a minute!


1 package of natto
a piece of bread


1) Put the piece of bread into a toaster.

2) Open the package of natto.  Put all the condiments that come with the package in the natto.

3) Use chopsticks (or fork) to stir the natto for about 30 seconds or until you see lots of strings form.

4) Spread the natto evenly on the toast.



1) Oooooh I think I forgot to mention what natto is.  Natto is fermented soy beans.  It has very strong taste and smell.  Even in Japan, not every one can take that strong taste of natto.

2) There are many different kinds of natto out there.  Lately my favourite is the “dark vinegar with plum” flavour.  I really like plum flavoured food, so I was very happy to see that there are actually plum flavoured natto!



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