[Guest post by the notorious Mr. Clam]
(Pictures taken from the Japa Dog website)
Yokoso Japadog.  (Can I actually say that?) It’s supposed to mean welcome to Japadog, but I’m not sure if that’s grammatically correct.  However, Japadog is not about a lesson in the Japanese language, but a lesson in culinary fusion.
The beloved Editor-in-chief of Food Lab Asia and I were about to venture out on a bike ride around Stanley Park.  We had ridden our bikes to the SkyTrain and took the train to Waterfront.  We hadn’t had breakfast and we were starving.  As good fortune has it, Japadog has opened up a stand down by Waterfront Station. To be exact, it’s at the intersection of Granville and Cordova.
Our dear Editor-in-chief ordered the very original Ebi Chili dog.  Ebi is Japanese for shrimp.  As you can tell from the photo below, there was plenty of teeny-weeny shrimp to tickle the taste buds.  I suppose this dog is not for the texture-sensitive eater, but I really liked my bite of this dog.
What’s more, there’s even shrimp hiding within the sausage itself.  I can see my texture-sensitive friends shuddering already.  Our taste buds, however, really loved the taste of shrimp embedded in the sausage and the texture was excitingly different.
I ended up ordering the Kurobuta Terimayo.  If we break down the name, we discover what’s in this dog.  (I guess there is a bit of a lesson in the Japanese language, after all).  Kuro is “black” and buta is “pig” or “pork.”  The “black pig” is apparently the Japanese bred version of Berkshire pigs.  Then there is teri, which is short for teriyaki, and mayo, which is (you guessed it) mayonnaise.  I also love all the love all the nori on the top of this dog.  Again, this dog may not appeal our texture-sensitive friends out there.  For me, though, I would have liked some bonito flakes to dance atop a sizzling dog (but that’s a different Japadog altogether).  This one is a classic alongside the Beef Terimayo.

Kurobuta Terimayo

A quick glance at the menu at Japadog Waterfront, we see that there are some new dogs in the works.  There’s a Salmon Dog on the way.  I also have yet to try their Gokudare.  No Japanese lesson on this dog.  I haven’t the foggiest idea what gokudare means.
With Japadogs safely stored away in our digestive systems, we had enough carbs and protein to start the bicycle ride around Stanley Park.  See y’all later.
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