Tamago-yaki (玉子焼き)

Experiment: Tamagoyaki (玉子焼き)

I have loooooved eggs since I was young.  When I saw tamagoyaki the very first time in a restaurant, I wanted to order it.  Then my mom said, “It’s only egg!  I’ll make it at home for you.  It’s expensive to eat here (in a restaurant).” It’s true… it’s not cheap to eat tamagoyaki when you think of the main ingredient being only eggs.  OH well…my mom never made it for me.  So when I grew up, I learned to make it… so that I can eat it whenever I want… and it’s cheap!  Coz you only need eggs, sugar and sake.

I always thought that you need a rectanglular pan to make tamagoyaki.  No.  Acutally, you don’t need one.  You can use a round pan to make it.  I think it doesn’t matter if your pan is rectangular, round or square; the key is that the pan needs to be small.  Otherwise, you’ll need LOOOOTS of eggs to make the tamagoyaki thick. 

6 eggs
2 tbs sugar
1 tbs Sake

1) Beat the eggs.  Add the sugar and sake into the egg mixture and mix well.

2) Heat up a small pan.  Turn the heat to medium.

3) Brush oil onto the pan.  Pour a thin layer of the egg mixture onto the pan.  When it’s half cooked, roll one side of the egg to the other side.  (Let’s say, this time is from left to right)

4) Brush oil onto the pan again.  Lift the tamagoyaki and brush oil under the tamagoyaki as well!

5) Pour a thin layer of the egg mixture onto the pan.  Lift the tamagoyaki and let the egg mixture go under the tamagoyaki as well!  So that when you roll the tamagoyaki, it’ll be attached to the new egg layer.

6) When the new egg layer is half cooked, you can roll the tamagoyaki to the other end of the pan.  (This time would be right to left)

7) Repeat the process of brushing oil, pour in egg mixture, roll the tamagoyaki from one side to the other side.  The tamagoyaki will “grow” in thickness… hehe!


8 ) Prepare a piece of saran wrap and place it on top of a sushi mat.  When your egg mixture is finished and you have finished rolling the tamagoyaki, put the tamagoyaki onto the saran wrap while it’s still hot.  Wrap it.

9) Roll the sushi mat and shape the tamagoyaki into the shape you want.

10) Let it sit and cool. 

11) Cut the tamagoyaki into small pieces and eat! 🙂


1) I have tried skipping the brushing oil part.  It didn’t work that well.  You may not be able to roll the egg.  So rememeber to brush oil in between! Oh and I think usuing a non-stick pan helps!

 2) I actually don’t like my tamagoyaki that sweet, so I may actually use less sugar and add more sake than the recipe suggested. 




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  1. #1 by Justine on July 30, 2012 - 11:18 pm

    Hey I have tried, tried and tried again to find a recipe for Ebi Sunomono, with the cucumber, shrimp and noodles.. All the recipes I’ve had in restaurants are all clear in color, but all the recipes online I’ve tried are brown? Does anyone have an actuall recipe? that turns out clear and not tasting like soya sauce? Thanks

    • #2 by foodlabasia on August 1, 2012 - 3:18 am

      Hmm I will look into it! I think the main ingredients are rice vinegar and sugar…. if you don’t add soy sauce it shouldn’t turn brown? I’ll see if I can find a recipe in my Japanese cookbooks! 🙂

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