Toasted coconut marshmallow

Experiment: Toasted coconut marshmallow

I had never thought that you can make marshmallow from scratch before… until Ms. K actually made it and brought it to work many months ago.  Ms. K kept telling me that… it’s not that hard to make.  I didn’t believe her.  Then today, she decided to make marshmallow with me… so we made it.  Hmm… really, it’s not really hard to make.  It’s just A LOT of work.

Materials and Procedure:
Ms. K follows the recipe here, so please go there for detailed instructions for the marshmallow.

Toasted Coconut marshmallow:
1) Toast shredded coconut in a wok until it turns yellow/brown.  We used about half a pack of shredded coconut.

2) Evenly spread the toasted coconut on the parchment paper.  You don’t wanna see any gap between the toasted coconut. 

3) Pour the marhmallow liquid onto the toasted coconut.

4) Pour the rest of the toasted coconut onto the marshmallow.  Spread even.

5) Let it sit until the marshmallow is done.

6) When the marshmallow is done, use a knife to cut the marshmallow into shapes that you like.  Pizza knife is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.  I can’t imagine how you can cut the marshmallow with a regular knife, coz it’s SOOOOOO sticky!

7) Coat the marshmallow with the remaining toasted coconut.


1) It was super yummy! hehe!  And yeah… it’s not that “hard” to make… it just takes time. 

2) Marshmallow is super sticky!  So be ready to get messy!

3) Ms. K actually made it with Matcha powder before, and I really liked it.  But then match is quite expensive… and if you wanna coat the marhsmallow with matcha powder… hmm… it’s gonna be super expensive.


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