Roasted chicken wrap

Experiment: Roasted chicken wrap

My #1 fan Ms. K will be moving to another city for her practicum for a while.  She asked me to design a menu for her (I guess partly as a joke?).  I took the challenge (as we were joking?) before I knew what I got myself into.  She doesn’t eat chunk of meat, no fish.  No plain boiled vegetables.  It has to be cheap and nutritious, it has to look pretty and colourful. Oh she won’t have access to Asian supermarket so there will be a lot of things that she can’t use.  Hmm…. I mostly cook Asian food!!! What should I do???

Anyway, I’ll try my best, Ms. K!  

Here you go, Ms. K.  Your very first meal: Roasted chicken wrap.

Tortilla wrap
Harvarti cheese
Roasted chicken from supermarket
Rice (I used multi-grain, that’s why it looks so red in the picture)
Salt and pepper

1) Put the lettuce on the tortilla wrap, put the harvarti cheese on the lettuce, put the chicken on the cheese, rice on chicken, mayonnaise, salt and pepper on rice.

2) Roll the wrap.

3) Eat.

1) Ms. K just told me that she doesn’t like rice.. oh well, substitute it with mashed potato! But that’ll take you another 10 minutes… 😛

2) In case you’re wondering why there’s this new category, “Cheapickdorable,” uh… Ms. K and I came up with this name.  The full meaning of it is, “menu for a cheap and picky but VERY ADORABLE student…”  she came up with the description, I shortened it.

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