Tofu Puff Bean Thread Soup (油豆腐粉絲湯)

Experiment: Tofu Puff Bean Thread Soup (油豆腐粉絲湯)

I have always liked this soup.  I knew that it was easy to make, since it’s  mainly just tofu puff and bean thread.  Different restaurants add different ingredients to add the flavour.  The other day while I was watching TV, I saw that someone stuff cuttlefish paste into the tofu puff, which is quite unusual.  The host said it tasted very well… so I thought, “Hey let’s give it a try!”

Tofu puffs (as many as you like)
Cuttlefish paste (Bought at T&T)
1 bunch Bean Thread
1 bunch of bean thread
3 dried mushroom
1 bunch of dried shrimps
50g pickled Szechwan vegetable

3 cups chicken stock
Chili oil (Optional)

1) Soak the dried mushroom and dried shrimps for a few hours.  If possible, soak them overnight.

2) Thinly slice the dried mushroom.

3) Wash the pickled Szechwan vegetable, thinly slice.

4) Soak the bean thread in warm water.  Cut them a few times so that they are not too long.

5) Stuff the cuttlefish paste into the tofu puffs.  Make as many as you like.

6) Boil the chicken stock in a pot.  When it boils, put the dried shrimps, mushroom and pickled Szechwan vegetable in.  Then put in the stuffed tofu puffs in.  Boil for 10-15 minutes.

7) When the soup is about ready, put in the bean thread as well.

8) Add as much chili oil as you like.  Serve.

2) I didn’t think that this soup would be so filling.  I had one in the afternoon, and I was pretty full for the whole afternoon! 🙂

3) Now I have leftover pickled Szechwan vegetable and the cuttlefish paste… thinking of way to cook them… Now I have some ideas but not sure if I’m gonna make them… Hmm…


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