Mr. Clam and I had to bring our little princess, Mia, to see a vet yesterday.  The appointment was late in the afternoon, and it was in Richmond.  We thought, we might as well have dinner before we go home.  Now here’s the challenge – we can’t bring Mia to any restaurant, since no pet is allowed in any restaurant.  We thought and thought… Mr. Clam was thinking… maybe Steveston for Fish and Chip?  But I thought it was too far.  Then… Bakudanyaki came to my mind.  I had ALWAYS wanted to try it.  It’s out in a parking lot, which means Mia would be allowed there.  So, we drove over to this little parking lot for our dinner.

The entrance:

I thought there was only ONE trailer selling bakudanyaki there… as that’s why my friend told me.  Turned out that they now have 2 more trailers joinig it.  One selling sushi, and the other one selling ramen.

 The 3 trailers – bakudanyaki on the left, sushi in the middle, and ramen on the right.


 In case you’re wondering what a bakudanyaki is, it’s a GIANT takoyaki.  How giant is giant?  You can take a look at the picture below.  The bakudanyaki fills up a Chinese take out box… and the box.. hmm… you can compare it to my hand.  So… I’d say… it’s about the size of my palm.  Anyways, the bakudanyaki has lots of stuff inside (BUT THERE’S NO TAKO!  Kinda disappointed since I like tako so much!).  According to the official website, Bakudanyaki, it has shrimp, cabbage, calamari, squid, rice cake, fish cake and quail egg.  Overall, it was very yummy! 🙂  It was so good that after eating one, Mr. Clam and I ordered another one. 😛

Off to the next railer – sushi.

It’s quite intersting that you can customize your own cone.  Not sure if you can see the picture above, but you can choose the cone size, the cone (either soy crepe or seaweed), and what goes inside your cone.  Since Mr. Clam and I are sharing a cone, we ordered the $5 cone which is this big:


Again, you really need to compare it to my hand.  It was pretty big.  I think it can easily fill a person if you order a $5 cone.  Of course, since Mr. Clam and I are sharing… it wasn’t too bad.  Anyways… we ordered a spicy salmon cone.  It was VERY yummy! 🙂  I don’t know what sipcy thing he put inside… it totally brought out the flavour!  (I know I have had that spicy thing before… but I forgot what it was… )  After finishing the cone… I wanted to try the soy crepe cone… but then… we decided the try the ramen place before we order another one.  IF we had room left for the soy crepe, we’d order it.  If not… well, it’ll be for next time.

Up onto the ramen trailer: 

Here, the owner sells ramen.  We thought it’d be ramen in soup, coz that’s the kind that we usually imagine a ramen is.  But the owner doesn’t have the ramen in soup.  Instead, he has a special ramen for summer – Ramen salad.  We ordered one, and it’s like this:

It’s actually not bad! 🙂 It’s not the kinda of cold noodles I expected (I thought they’re usually in sesame sauce).  The sauce isn’t very sesame-ish, but sorta like… rice vinegar mixed with something else. 

Hmm… how sure if they’ll have ramen in soup in the winter…  OR if they’ll have ODEN in the winter???  OH I LOVE ODEN!!!

If you’d like to go there too, here’s the address and hours:

8740 Charles St.
Richmond, BC

Open 7 days a week

3:00pm – 10:00pm

Look for this sign!

Btw.. if you wanna take public transit, this place is really cloes to the Bridgeport station.  After you get off the station, look for a parking lot.  You should see 3 trailers there.


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  1. #1 by soto on June 28, 2010 - 2:29 pm

    OMG! I LOVE cold ramen! I used to buy it from Seiyuu, the supermarket when I was in Japan… Easily the best part of summer =D

    Thanks for the detailed post. One of my friend went, but only said that she did.. no details whatsoever, so this was helpful.

    Hope Mia’s OK!

    • #2 by foodlabasia on June 28, 2010 - 4:03 pm

      Hehehe it brings back memeory, eh? ^_^

      Let’s go there together sometime! You can bring Chester and I’ll bring Mia! 🙂

      Mia’s feeling ok right now… she got 2 shots done, and her ear is infected… so now she’s not at her best. I hope she’ll be better! Poor little Mia…

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