Orange Jello

Orange Jello

My mom always gives me oranges whenver I go see her on the weekends.  Since there’s an overflow of oranges at home, I decided to try something – Orange jello. 

2 oranges
1 pack of orange jello powder
whipping cream
a small piece of chocolate

1) If the oranges you have cannot stand up straight, cut the bottom part of the oranges so that it can stand up straight.

2) Cut the top 1/5 part of the oranges.  Cut it so that you can scoope the orange out.

3) Scoope the orange out.  Reserve the orange juice.

4) Follow the instruction of your orange jello powder.  Substitute the water with the orange juice.

5) Pour the jello liquid back into the “orange bowls”.  Use saran wrap to wrap the oranges.  Put them in the fridge for a few hours (or until the jello forms).

6) Use a electric mixer (or milk frother) to whip the whipping cream. 

7) Take the oranges out from the fridge.  Put as much whipping cream as you like on top of the orange bowls.

8) Use a knife to shave the chocolate on top of the whipping cream.  DONE! 🙂


1) This is a pretty simple dessert.  The part that takes up the most part is actually the taking the orange out part.  Oh well, it’s actually not that hard… it just takes time.

2) It’s my first time using a milk frother to froth cream!  I didn’t know if it would work.. but it did! ^_^  I love my milk frother!


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