Hainanese chicken and rice

Experiment: Hainanese Chicken and rice (updated on June 3, 10)

Whenever I ask Mr. Clam what he wanna eats for dinner, he always says “Hainanese Chicken.”  He says it not because he really likes Hainanese Chicken, it’s just because he knows I couldn’t make Hainanese chicken.  I told him that I need pandan leaves, and I thought I couldn’t get pandan leaves in Vancouver.  Until recently, I read in a blog that you can actually get pandan leaves in Vancouver!  So I decided to give Hainanese Chicken a try… just to keep his mouth shut.  😛

Hainanese chicken:
2 chicken legs with thighs
3-4 stalks of green onions, cut into small pieces
a bunch of anise
1/2 to 1 tbs Szechuan peppercorn
a few pandan leaves
a few slices of ginger (I like ginger so I put in more)

Chicken Rice:
2 cups of uncooked rice
3 tbs minced garlic
Chicken stock from the Hainanese chicken
2 pandan leaves, cut into small pieces

Ginger and Green Onion Sauce:
1 tbs finely chopped ginger
1 tbs finely chopped green onion
1-2 tbs oil
Salt to taste
Ginger powder to taste

Hainanese chicken:
1) Sprinkle salt onto chicken legs, and let it sit for 30 minutes.

2) Boil a pot of water, and put the green onions, anise, szechuan pepper, pandan leaves, and ginger in the pot.  Then put the chicken thighs in as well. Reduce to low heat and simmer until cooked.  Do not drain the chicken stock!
(I think it took me 20-30 mins for the two chicken legs… actually they might have been cooked earlier, but I didn’t wanna risk it)

3) Immediately put the chicken legs in ice cold water and let it soak until chicken legs are cool.

4) Debone, cut and serve.

Chicken rice:
1) Wash the rice.

2) Heat up a frying pan.  Put some oil and minced garlic in, and stir fry for a bit.  Be careful not too overcook the garlic as they’ll turn bitter.

3) Put the washed rice in the frying pan and mix well with the garlic.  Stir fry for 5-10 minutes.

4) Ok here you can either:
a) Put the chicken stock and pandan leaves in the frying pan, cover and simmer the rice until cooked.
b) Transfer the fried rice into a rice cooker, put the chicken stock and pandan leaves in.  Cook until the rice is ready.
Just use the same amount of chicken stock as you would with water.

Ginger and Green Onion Sauce:
1) Put the chopped ginger and chopped green onion into a small bowl, add salt and ginger powder, mix well.

2) Heat up the oil.  When the oil is hot, pour it onto the mixture to “cook” the green onion and ginger. 


1) I only made the ginger and green onion sauce thist time… and totally forgot about the chilli sauce, just because I didn’t have lime at home… >.<  I would definitely make the chilli sauce next time.

2) Deboning the cooked chicken legs isn’t as hard as I thought… which is good! 🙂


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  1. #1 by Kat on May 30, 2010 - 5:41 am

    Looks great! We just made our version of this dish last week. I love it!

    • #2 by foodlabasia on May 30, 2010 - 8:03 pm

      Thanks!!! Yeah I saw it on your facebook.

      Actually Abes taught Henry how to make it a few years ago… and Henry totally forgot about it… >.<

  2. #3 by Peggy on May 30, 2010 - 10:54 am

    Never had this before! Sounds great though!

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