Chinese style roasted pork (脆皮燒肉)



Experiment: Chinese style roasted pork (脆皮燒肉)

Lately I’ve seen a few people writing about making this Chinese style roasted pork on their blogs, and it doesn’t sound that hard to make (just takes time).  Since it’s long weekend here in Vancouver, which means I have time, so I decided to take a challenge – to make Chinese style roasted pork.

Pork belly, about 1 kg
1 tbs Rose wine (or any Chinese wine or wine)
1/2 tbs salt
1/4 tbs sugar (I used brown sugar coz I ran out of white sugar)
1/4 tbs five spice powder

1) Boil the pork belly in a big pot of water for about 10 minutes.  You can put in some ginger and green onions as well if you want.  This procedure is to get the dirty stuff out from the pork belly, and get rid of the “pork taste” if you know what I mean…

2) After boiling, take the pork belly out and let it cool.  When it’s cool enough to touch, use a fork (or a few forks together) to poke LOTS of holes on the pork skin.  You only have to it to the pork skin, not the meat side.

3) Rub the rose wine onto the meat (not the skin). 

4) Mix salt, sugar and five spice powder together.  Then use your hands to pat the spices evenly onto the pork belly, including the skin. 

 5) Let it air dry on a rack overnight. (If you don’t have time, let it dry for at least 4 hours).


6) Use tin foil to tightly wrap the pork belly, leaving the skin uncovered.  Leave about an inch above the skin.

7) Slowly (and carefully) pour coarse salt onto the pork skin, cover it for about an inch, and then gently press it.  Be careful not to let the salt go to the sides and touch the meat. 

 8) Preheat the oven to 430F.  Then put the pork belly in and bake for 50 minutes.  After the 50 minutes, take the pork belly out, and take away the salt.

9) Reduce heat to 410F, and then bake (or broil) it for another 20-30 minutes, or until the skin is crunchy.


Pork belly, uncut

1) Ok, do NOT use brown sugar.  It makes the meat of the pork belly looks so brown… which is not pretty.  I’ve already restocked white sugar!  So I’ll definitely use white sugar next time.

2) It is better to use a bigger piece of pork belly instead of cutting it in half.  I made a mistake of asking the butcher to cut the pork belly in half…

3) You really need to poke LOTS of holes.  This way the skin will become crunchier.  I think I spent like 5 minutes on EACH of the pork belly skin, which means I spent 10 minutes on poking holes.  My hand was SOOOOO tired after that… >.<

4) I read that the reason to put the salt on top of the pork skin is to draw the water out, so that the skin will become crunchy… not sure if it’s true though.

5) Ok, LOTS of oil came out of this pork belly…  like 1/4 cup.  Not sure if other people had the same problem.  I’m not too sure what to do with the oil now… >.<

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