Japanese Style Breakfast

Experiment: Japanese Style Breakfast

Mr. Clam and I went to Marulilu Cafe (Cambie and Broadway) to have lunch yesterday.  Well I guess I shouldn’t say lunch because, I actually had JAPANESE STYLE BREAKFAST!  I love Japanese style breakfast.  Japanese style breakfast usually have raw eggs and natto/tofu, a few of my favorite food! 🙂  I guess that’s why I love having Japanese style breakfast so much.  When I was in Japan, I tried to have Japanese style breakfast everyday (but in reality I couldn’t, because Mr. Clam couldn’t stand it).  Here are a few pictures that I took when I was in Japan:

Japanese style breakfast is really easy to make.  You just need a bowl of rice, a bowl of soup, an egg, natto or tofu, and then… a dish or two of whatever you like.  I decided to have it since I’m still on holiday and I have time to make it.  I didn’t use a raw egg because of salmonella… I wish I could ship eggs from Japan!

Here’s what I used… but of course you can substitute any of the following dishes with whatever you like.
A pack of seaweed
A pack of natto and a bunch of chopped green onoins
A bowl of miso soup
Sliced pig ears and cabbage
Baked salmon and a piece of lemon and Japanese mayonnaise
Sunnyside up egg
A bowl of rice

1) Open the pack of seaweed.

2) Open the pack of natto.  Take away the film on top of the natto, then put the dashi sauce, mustard and green onions into the box, and mix, mix and mix until there’re a looooot of strings.

3) Miso soup – uh… refer to your miso package.  For this particular miso soup, I used onion, tofu and green onions.  1 cup of water to 1 tbs miso.

4) Put the sliced pig ears on the left side of a pate, and boiled cabbage on the other side of the plate. 

5) Bake the salmon until it’s cooked, then put it on a plate.  Put the lemon and mayonnaise on the plate as well.

6) Pan fry a sunny side up egg then put it on a plate.

7) Put rice in a bowl.


1) Ok it’s actually a lot of food!  I was REALLY full after finishing everything. And… Ok even though I said it’s breakfast, I actually had it at night time.  Who actually has time to prepare so many things in the morning? 

2) The preparation time for this meal isn’t really that long… The thing that actually takes the longest to make is the RICE!  Unbelievable.



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