Tofu with thousand year egg (皮蛋豆腐)

Experiment: Tofu with thousand year egg (皮蛋豆腐)

Few weeks ago, my co-worker brought an thousand year egg to office, and said that she’ll have that and tofu for lunch.  I was like, “REALLY?  I have always heard about it but never tried it!”   At lunch time, she cracked the thousand year egg, sliced it, and put it on top of the tofu.  She poured some soy sauce on top… and TaDa!  There’s a dish of Tofu with Thousand Year Egg.  The whole process took like maybe… 2 minutes?  It was so simple, yet it tasted so good.  So tonight, I decided to give it a try, and make my own version of it.

1 box of soft tofu
1 thousand year egg
Bonito flakes
Sliced red ginger
Soy sauce
Sesame oil

1) Take the tofu out from the package, put it on a plate.  Steam it if you like, or you can serve it cold.

2) Crack the thousand year egg, peel it, and slice it.  Put it on top of the tofu.

3) Put as much bonito flakes as you like on top of the tofu and thousand year egg.

4) Put some sliced red ginger on top of the bonito flakes. 

5) Pour soy sauce on top, then sesame oil.  DONE!




1) In case you’re wondering what a thousand year egg is, it looks like this: 

Thousand year egg, picture taken from Wikipedia

You don’t need to cook the egg.  When you crack it open, it looks like a hard boiled egg, except that it’s black.  And if you’re lucky enough to get good eggs, the yolk would still be quite liquidy, like a soft boiled egg, as shown in the above picture.  OH btw, thousand year eggs are made with duck eggs, not chicken eggs. 

2) There are many versions of this dish.  Some people like to put coriander instead of bonito flakes, and some like to put chopped green onions on top.  Well basically you can put whatever you like on top of the tofu! 🙂



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