Stir fry Daikon Cake with XO sauce



Experiment: Stir fry Daikon Cake with XO sauce

I tried to make the Daikon Cake again.   This time I tried it with Rice Flour:Corn Startch 2:1 ratio, but then… it turned out to be quick firm.  Still not the texture I want.  BUT!  Since this is so firm, it’s actually quite good for stir frying.  So today I tried stir fry daikon cake with xo sauce – a common dish now in many dim sum restaurants.

Daikon cake
A bunch of bean sprout
2 -3 tbs XO sauce (depends on how spicy you like it)
1 tbs of chopped garlic
Chopped green onions
Pepper and salt to taste

1) Cut the Daikon Cake into cubes.

2) Heat up a frying pan, then some oil, and then add the chopped garlic.  When the garlic turns golden brown, put the bean sprouts in and stir fry for a bit.

3) Put the daikon cake in and stir fry with the bean sprout.  Then put the XO sauce in.  Add salt and pepper to taste. Mix well.

4) When the daikon cake is well cooked, put everyone on a plate and sprinkle grenn onions on top.

5) Time to eat!



1) Just in case you didn’t know what XO sauce is, it’s a seafood sauce that’s usually made of  chilli pepper, dried scallope, dried shrimp etc.  It’s usually spicy.  You can find it in most Asian supermarkets.

2) I think I put too much oil from the XO sauce in… so the whole dish turned out to be quite greasy.  Not good.

3) Hmm… About the Daikon Cake I think I’ll try a Rice flour:Corn Starch 3:1 ratio… Wish I’ll succeed next time!


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