Inari Sushi

Experiment: Inari sushi

I usually cook noodles on weekend (noodles is quick!), but Mr. Clam complains that I cook too much noodles lately and he wants rice for dinner.  I opened the fridge and see what I can make, and I found that I didn’t have a lot of food left.   I saw that there’s a pack of aburaage (leftover from the mochi-kin from Oden.)  So I decided to make Inari sushi. 

5 aburaage (Deep fried tofu pocket)
2-3 bowls of rice
White sesame

1 cup of dashi stock
1 tbs soy sauce
1.5 tbs sugar
1 tbs mirin

1) Boil a pot of water.  When the water boils, put the aburrage in water and boil for about 2 minutes to get rid of the oil.  Then take the aburaage out and drain out the water.

2) Cut the aburaage in half, and open the pocket.  Be careful not to tear the pocket.  (I tore one… >.<)  You’ll then have 10 small pockets.

3) Put all the sauce ingredients in a pot and bring to boil.  Put the aburaage in the pot and turn down the heat.  Simmer for about 10-15 minutes, or until the sauce is almost gone.

4) Take the aburaage out and drain out the sauce. 

5) Mix sesame seeds with rice.  I like sesame seeds a lot so I put quite a lot in.  Anyways.  After you mix the sesame seeds and rice, put the rice into the aburaage pockets (be careful not to tear the pocket here!). 

6) It’s READY!


1) You can put chopped carrots and shitake mushroom in the rice as well so that the inari sushi has more flavour.

2) One piece of inari sushi is actually quite a lot of rice!  I was surprised how quick the inari sushi used up my 3 bowls of rice.



  1. #1 by angelica on November 13, 2011 - 9:14 am

    OMG My great Grandma makes this it’s sooo Bomb but with White Japanese steamed Rice and Red Ginger. Mmm Soo good!

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