Dace fish paste Omelette

Experiment: Dace fish paste Omelette

Dace fish paste was on sale at T&T this week, so I bought a tub home.  I was thinking of making soup with it… but in the end I decided to make this super easy omelette since it’ll take less time.  🙂

4 Eggs
Dace fish paste
A bunch of coriander
White pepper

1) Panfry the dace fish paste. 

2) Take the cooked dace fash paste out from the pan, and then cut the fish paste into small(er) pieces.

3) Wash the coriander, and then chopped it into small pieces.

4) Beat the eggs, and then put the coriander and white pepper in.

5) Put the cut dace fish paste into a frying pan again.

6) Pour the egg mixture on top of the dace fish paste.  Use a lid to cover the pan, and turn to low heat.  Cook until both sides are cooked.


1) If you don’t like coriander, you can try using green onions to substitute it.  I think that’s how my mom usually make it.


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