Steamed minced pork with salty egg

Experiment: Steamed minced pork with salty egg
Another experiment to prove that I can’t cook Chinese food. 
I made the preserved salty eggs a while ago, and I thought it’s time to somehow finish the eggs.  I thought, “Maybe I can try to make the steamed minced pork with it.”  Ok so I gave it a try, and it was a total disaster.  The minced pork turned out to be SOOOO hard… I pretty much had to use fork and knife to pick it up instead of using chopsticks.
Sigh… I guess no more Chinese food for a while… >.<
Materials: (Please do NOT follow this unless you want a meat cake)
1 lb extra lean ground pork
4 dried shitake mushrooms
1 salty egg
Soy sauce (as you like)
Brown sugar (as you like)
Sake/wine (as you like)
White pepper (as you like)
Corn starch (as you like)
1) Soak the dried shitake mushrooms until soft (it usually takes about an hour).  Cut into small pieces.
2) Mix all the ingredients of the marinade together, then mix it with the ground pork.
3) Mix in the cut mushroom
4) Crack the salty egg
5) Put the salty egg at the centre of the minced pork.  Steam it for roughly 10 minutes, or until cooked.
















I talked with my co-worker at work to find out why I totally failed this dish… and here’s what she told me:
1) Use half regular ground prok and half lean ground pork.  The fat in the pork makes the meat not as hard.
2) Add water when you mix the ground pork with the marinade.  Not sure why though.
3) This is from me: 4 dried mushroom is not enough for 1 lb of pork.  So next time I’ll make it 6.

Ok I think I’ll stay away from cooking Chinese for a while now… I ALWAYS fail… it’s sorta frustrating… >.<

There’s no reference… it’s a dish that almost all moms in Hong Kong know how to cook… Fine, my excuse for not able to make it is that 1)I’m not in HK and 2)I’m not a mom!



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