Omurice (Omelette rice)

I had a takoyaki and okonomiyaki party over the weekend.  I didn’t realize that I bought way too much food, so… I had lots of leftover.  Well, I had those red ginger, diced ocotpus, chopped green onion, cabbage, etc. I had to think of a way to cook them so that they don’t go bad.  Well, the best way would be… stir fry them with rice!  Whenever I have food that I don’t know how to cook them, I just fry them with rice and make fried rice! 😛  What an easy meal.

Fried rice itself isn’t that interesting.  So I decided to make Omurice, which means “Omelette Rice” in Japanese.

Here are the ingredients and condiments that I used for the Omurice… which are the leftover stuff for Okonomiyaki and Takoyako:

Ingredients: (serve 4)
Rice – 4 bowls
Shredded cabbage – 1 cup
Chopped red ginger – 2 table spoon
Diced tako (octopus) – 1/4 to 1/2 cup
Chopped green onion – 1/4 cup
Okonomiyaki sauce – 1/4 cup
Eggs – 4

Shaved bonito flakes
Dried seeweek flakes
Japanese mayonnaise
Okonomiyaki sauce

1) In a medium size frying pan, stir fry the shredded cabbage until it’s soft.  Add the rice.  When the cabbage and rice are pretty well mixed, add all the other ingredients, except for the eggs.  When the fried rice is ready, put them into the rice bowls.
2) Beat all the eggs in a bowl.  In a small frying pan, pour in the 1/4 of the egg mix.  When the egg is ready, put it on top of the rice.  Do the same for the remaining egg mix to make 3 more fried egg. 
3) Put the Japanese mayonnaise and okonomiyaki sauce on top of the fried egg.  Sprinkle the bonito flakes and shaved bonito flakes on top.
4) EAT!

It’s actually a very easy dish, and it’s very tasty.  There’s no skill at all (except for frying the egg, and put it on top of the rice WITHOUT breaking it).  That’s why I like to make this dish whenever I don’t know what to make for dinner.


  1. #1 by soto on December 4, 2009 - 11:41 pm

    I haven't had omurice in ages!! Lesee… eggs:check. rice: check. Totally yummy condiments: nope = must go to T&T or Fujiya =DD

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